How I Make
$100,000 a Year Online

Without Personally Selling Anything

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From the Desk of: Millionaire Samurai
Re: Your Blueprint to Massive Success Online

Have you always dreamt of owning your very own online money making machine but just didn't know where to start?

Things you don't need in order for you to do this:

These are average everyday people that are opening and showing their bank account to prove that this has worked for them.

It's pretty incredible. And they actually make a lot more money than just $100,000 a year.

First off let me ask you a question. Have you ever opened a magazine and seen ads like these?

You thumb through all these magazine ads and you don't even know which one to start. It all looks good, with families or guys standing in front of their exotic cars and beautiful homes. And you wonder if this is for real.

Sometimes you sign up for a program and it seems really good and sincere. However, the first thing that they tell you to do when you join the program is to make a list of all your friends and family.

You think, what friends and family? Why do you need a list of my friends and family? Well we are going to call on them, we're gonna make a three-way call and try to get them to a meeting or our website. So we can try to get money from them. Great we just became a pawn in their scheme.

You are thinking... Okay, I wasn't exactly expecting that. I wasn't exactly expecting to pick up the phone and try to convince the people that I know, to come to some meeting. You are thinking, what the heck is that all about? In the advertisement they said, success "system" or "blueprint". But know what the system really is? The "system" is about you, picking up the phone and calling people. Like call people all day long. I was not about to turn into some snappy sales man. Not for me.

Now the Internet?

Have you ever done a Google search on "make money from home"? A lot of these money making program tells you that all you have to do is create a product or a service or just write an e-book. And they will show you how to market it. Write a book?!? You have got to be kidding me. How the heck am I going to write a book?

Then they say, now that you have written a book or created a product. Now you should write a sales letter and build a website. They say it's really easy. No it is not. Trying to piece together a website and more importantly a website that actually generates an order, is not easy. It is pretty darn hard.

I originally liked that idea though. If there was a system that you could make money online and never have to talk to someone. That sounded great to me. But, the problem is, I still don't know how to write a sales letter. I don't know how to build a website. And the final component which is the ringer. These systems told me that I had to use expensive Pay Per Click Google Adwords advertising to drive traffic to my website. Or learn SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

That sounds simple enough. Right? No. It is not simple and you can lose a lot of money doing that.

Enough.Enough, enough. I just wanted to find a way to legitimately make money online, from home and basically not do all this crap. Was that possible? So I figured out exactly what I wanted. I wanted a system that was going to be easy to use. It has to be easy. It had to be something that, I can do that wasn't going to take any technical knowledge.

So this is the system I found. A system called the Affiliate Profits Blueprint.Where you make money in Affiliate Marketing. And it really works. And there is so much proof that it works, it is ridiculous.

This is what people make in Affiliate Marketing right now, online. Right from the comfort of their own home.

This 19 year old girl is making $9,250 a month

This previous homeless guy is raking in $3,584.00 every 2 weeks.

Wow and this guy right here has made $389,783 last year without placing any ads, creating a product or selling anything on his website.

He shows his account making even $14,227 in a single day using only free traffic. Wow. Affiliate marketing is it. This is the way to have all the income in the world. You can work anywhere in the world and have total freedom.

  • Step #1. How to pick your niche. What that means is You can literally make money in whatever industry that interests you. Calling it the niche. And again you don't have to have a product or service in that industry at all.

    Because people are going to buying something from someone else. I will explain more of that in a minute. But, you are the affiliate. All you have to do in Step one is just pick a niche. Example, what interests you? Cars, sports, vacationing, golf, fishing, dating, hunting, dining, books, movies, video games. You name it. Basically everything and anything you can think of. Just pick one. That is all you have to do with that. Then we move onto step #2

  • Step #2. How to set up your account so you get paid.

    Affiliate Profit Blueprint shows you just how to set up an affiliate account. You set up an Affiliate account and the bank account to connect it to, so they know who to wire the funds to. This is not your merchant account, so you accept credit cards. This is just your checking account. You probably already have a checking account so you are good. This is needed so these major corporations know how to pay you.

    Easy enough. Move to the final next step.

  • Step #3. Turn on the traffic.

    This is the key point. The system shows you how to place all of your affiliate links, all over the internet automatically and for free or maybe sometime very low cost ways. A Lot of this stuff is done, with a simple software. Software again is easy to use, and blasts your Affiliate links all over the Internet.

The traffic doesn't go to you or your website. You don't have a website. You don't have a sales letter. You place these links all over the Internet. That is it. That is your job. This generates floods of traffic to your affiliate links. And the traffic goes to someone else's fancy websites. And these websites convince the people to buy all sorts of things. They don't just say, "Here's a button for you to order now." No. These sites are beautiful, have the best designs and "Sales" letter or some videos.

Companies have spent thousands of dollars to make these websites, very, very convincing for them to buy those products. Make money in whatever market that interests you. Basically, if you would buy it, most likely someone else would too.

When a person buys from some other company, you get a commission check. Nothing you have to do. Just your account gets deposits. No customer service, you don't have to worry about delivering the product, nothing.

These guys are making thousands of dollars a day. A day doing Affiliate Marketing. Not selling products themselves. Just auto-posting their affiliate links all over the Internet.

This is what some people make. Is this what you're going to make? Why, that's entirely up to you. Are you somebody that is, going to get this information and not do anything about it? If you order and you don't even go to the first video, then you have screwed yourself. By the way, this is not some big out-dated e-book. These are step by step videos that you can follow along with and do along with your computer.

Some of these videos are like five minutes long. They show you how to set everything up. Can you watch a quick video and have an attention span over five minutes? Because if you can't. This is not for you.

What would you be doing? That's the question you should be asking yourself. Would you be hanging out at the beach? Would you be going to restaurants?

Would you travel? Would you buy another car? A really nice car? Would you pay off all your debts? What would you do, if you have a constant flow of income whether you worked or not. What would you do if whether you're at home, on vacation, in another country, money kept on being deposited into your account every single day? Well, this life does exist.

You see, you have a choice right now. You can go join a network marketing company, muster up the money to buy a franchise, or try to learn the technical stuff online. This is not technical at all.

Besides, what I would like to offer you is… get this program…and if it does not work, get a refund. That's it. And then you can try something else. There is no risk to you.


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